BCC Member Wins “Spirit of Service Award”!

GatorTown Gators President Phil Clark presenting BCC member Cindy Flowers with Spirit of Service Award

BCC member Cindy Flowers was awarded the “Spirit of Service Award” by the GatorTown Gators during their Annual Awards Banquet on January 9, 2012. Cindy was nominated for her committment, hard work and dedication to the Gator Backcourt Club and to the Florida Women’s Basketball program.

As a member of the BCC since its infancy, Cindy has selflessly dedicated her time and energy to making the club a success. Her service to the BCC has been, and continues to be, significant. We are thrilled that she has been recognized for her hard work. Cindy is the first BCC member to win this award. Congratulations Cindy!

The Gator Backcourt Club was well represented by a number of members and Janna Magette was there representing Coach Butler and staff. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Cindy’s achievement.