Food! Glorious Food!

food table image

So much many choices...players get first dibs...

If you missed the potluck on December 30, then you missed good food and good times. BCC members mingled and shared dinner with Coach Butler, her staff and the players.

image of coach and azania

Coach Butler and Azania enjoying their meal...yummo!

image of lanita and ebony

Lanita and Ebonie get their pics taken in between bites.

A highlight of the evening was when Coach B called out her players to introduce themselves by sharing each others nicknames…too funny!

Azania cracks Ndidi up after introducing her by her nickname...

...Brittany introducing Deaundra...

…Jaterra introducing Deana

The potluck dinner is a nice way to spend some time with these delightful players and learn more about them.

BCC member Kimber and Brittany.

Kayla carefully signing a t-shirt

These ladies are too cool for words!

Hope to see you at next year’s Potluck!

(Photos courtesy of Leslie White)