Georgia On Our Minds

“Just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind…”

The Gator logo on the Legendary Coaches luxury bus.

And the journey begins – Jan 15-16, 2011!

Twenty-two Gator Back Court Club members and guests enjoyed a very memorable weekend . We met at the UF Law School parking lot and boarded the luxury bus provided by Legendary Coaches with wireless internet and DirectTV…Woo hoo!

The bus, loaded with excited BCC members and Gator fans, pulled out of the parking lot right on schedule…next stop DAWG Country.  Just to get us in the mood tvs were set to the UF men’s basketball game against South Carolina.


How nice to enjoy the men's game while on the road.

Enjoying the Ride Image

BCC members peaking out to say's a nice ride.

COW…Yep, had to stop and have our picture taken with the Cow.

Big Cow Image

Doing the "chomp" at the big cow somewhere in Georgia.

SURPRISE…A special passenger rode with us on the bus – Sheila Haney – Brittany Shine’s mother. She came all the way from California to catch the bus to Georgia. Now that’s what we call mother’s love…

Image of Sheila

Sheila enjoying the bus ride - she was excited to be seeing Brittany in Athens.

Some members slept, watched tv, did the chomp and even enjoyed a beverage or two along the way. Wishing you were here.

Riding in bus image

Enjoying the ride. Cheers!

Ok, so the main reasons we wanted to leave Gainesville on time was that the BCC was invited to dine with the team…that’s right, dine with the team, the coaches and staff! – provided we arrived in Athens on or about 7pm… Well, our driver, Phil, got us there on time and dropped us off at the door of the Porterhouse Grill where we made our way to a back room – there to greet us was Coach Butler and the team. Go Gators!

image of brittany shine

Brittany Shine is happy to see us....and her mother, of course!

If you're not a Gator, you're Gator bait.

at dinner image

Coach Butler and players as dinner winding hall coming up.

Looking forward to a good meal after a long trip

Happy Gators!

After dinner we headed to the hotel…it was right around the corner…and checked in. Some turned in early, some went out, and some headed to the hotel bar for nightcap. What a wonderful day!

Game Day!

gator fan image

BCC members and guests decked out in their gator finest. Let's Go Gators!

Coaching up the team during a timeout.

Lest you think we were alone – here are some other gator fans at the game. Gator Nation is everywhere!

No doubt who they’re rooting for…

kayla fans

Our young team played hard but couldn’t close out the game…but we know that this team is going to be special.

Tired Gator's after a tough loss 🙁

We were all pretty beat up after the game…until one of our fans, Rob, led us in a rousing rendition of “We Are The Boys”…because it’s great to be a Florida Gator!

(Photos courtesy of BCC member Leslie White)