I Remember When…

Sue Chambers-McKee and Paula Welch

Sue Chambers-McKee ('73-77) and Paula Welch ('74-76)

Florida women’s basketball history was everywhere in the F-Club on Sunday, Feb 6th at the annual Alumnae event. It’s hard to believe that the University of Florida didn’t have women’s team until 1973. And that inaugural team was actually a club team. A big “Thank You” to women’s basketball pioneers like Sue Chambers-Mckee and Coach Paula Welch. Chambers played on that inaugural club team (’73-’74). And in 1974, Coach Welch was hired as the first official coach on Florida’s collegiate team.

Former Alumna and current Assistant Coach Page addresses the group.

Coach Page gave a very nice speech…paying homage to the players that came before her.

Kelly Freeman-Davis and Murriel Page

Kelly Freeman-Davis ('96-00) and Murriel Page ('94-98)

Gator Alumnae left to right: Ashlea Moore, Tamia Williams, Talatha Bigham, Michelle Mastics-Grote, Tishona Gregory, Beth Smith

Would’t you just love to see these women out on the court again!

Chatting and sharing past Gator memories...

Briana, Ashley, Tishona, and Talatha

Cheese! These women are not camera shy, eh?

Talatha and Matt

and the winner is...

Talatha picks the winning raffle for the autographed ball signed by Gator Head Coach Butler and Assistant Coaches Lowery, Mock, and Page…Congrats Mary Nutter!

BCC members

BCC members enjoying a feast...where did all the shrimp go?

This was a very well attended event.  Thank you all for coming!  See you next year!

(Photos courtesy of John Robinson and Leslie White)