Oh, What a Night!

The Gator Room served as venue for the 2010-2011 End of the Year Banquet for our Women’s Basketball program and it rocked!

Lani and company welcomed guests to the Gator Room. Hey, there’s former #10 Steffi Sorensen!

The evening included an invocation by Kayla Lewis and then a scrumptious dinner catered by The Ivey House of Williston. As a special treat to those of you who enjoyed the “Corny Cornbread”, Mimi, of The Ivey House, gives us her recipe on her website. Click here to view. Try not to drool as you watch. 🙂

Hey, Coach Page – save some shrimp for the rest of us!

While we waited our turn for food there’s always time for pictures. You almost don’t recognize our players out of uniform – as Coach said “they clean up nicely”.

Well, no meal is complete without dessert. And, oh yes, it tasted as good as it looked.

Must be good – cuz it’s getting the thumbs up from BCC President Matt.

BCC member Cindy and Brittany enjoying the evening – again, sometimes it’s hard to pick out our players when they’re out of uniform.

As always, Coach Butler’s opening remarks were heaped with praise for her players, staff, and special guests. She recognized the Gator Back Court club for our continued support of the Florida Women’s Basketball program.

No banquet is complete without the awards presentation. Coach Page proudly handed out the Brickhouse awards to her “Bigs” Jennifer and Azania and then she talked a little smack to the guards – challenging them to win it next year. So, we shall see how this plays out…

Of course, not to be out done, Coach Lowery stood up for his guards. He has a special nickname for them – he affectionately refers to them as his “goons”. Coach was very entertaining and funny- you just had to be there!

Lily Svete sitting with BCC members Bill and Mary Humphreys. Lily was the recipient of the Miss Elliot Unsung Hero Award. Congratulations, Lily!

As we all know, Ebonie is our lone senior this year. The team got together to pay a special tribute to Ebonie. Azania kicked it off with her impression of the “Diva”.

And then Brittany followed with her own rendition of our Diva.

Words can not fully describe the fun the team had paying homage to the “Diva”…so, why not watch some of it for yourself? As the video begins Jordan Jones has just introduced Azania who proceeds to do her best impersonation of Ebonie.

Looks like we have a couple of contenders for next year’s Diva. But there will only be one Ebonie “Diva” Crawford.

The evening ended with a fabulous video produced by Edwina. Congratulations to our Women’s Basketball MVTeam on a successful 20 win season and on your strong finish. We can’t wait for next year. Go Gators!

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(Photos courtesy of John Robinson and Leslie White)