2011 Potluck Dinner – Fun and Games!

December in Gainesville means our annual Winter Potluck event with Gator players, coaches and staff. This year we added a little extra fun…

Welcome! Lisa (BCC secretary) checks in members and recruits them for the “Potluck Games”. A “big” thank you to all the members who put their names in the jar!

Members chatting with each other waiting for the Gators to arrive and the fun to begin!

Chris, hopefully, buys the winning raffle ticket, for the autographed basketball, from Leslie (VP). Raffle tickets were also sold for a chance to have dinner with Coach Butler after the season.

Lisa is there to greet the arrival of Coach Butler…let the party begin!

Hmmm…Azania gives her fashionista’s admiring eye to Suanne’s festive sweater.

So much good food to choose from for Vikta…she may have to come back for seconds!

Vic assisting Niddi and Vila with the cuisine. The BCC hired Mildred’s to cater the meat – pork and chicken – and oh yes, it was very tasty.

Wow, so many desserts for Nita to choose from…maybe Fran will help her with the decision…

Bill sharing some photos with Vila.

Did we mention “games” earlier? Yes, this year we wanted to make the event a bit more “interactive” between members and players. So, competitive games of skill, luck, and silliness were just the ticket…”Minute to Win It”. Thank you to Janna Magette for coordinating and facilitating the games!

Janna explains the rules to Brittany and Carol on how to play “Penny Hose”. For a hilarious look at this game in action, go to our video.

Nancy competes against Jaterra in “Face the Cookie”. Can you get the cookie in your mouth…using only your face?

Azania’s task…just get the ping pong balls into the cups! Come on! This is one’s too easy!

Coach Butler lends Miriam (President) a hand by drawing the winning “door prize” names from the raffle jar. Thank you Robin (Treasurer) and Vic for donating your men’s basketball tickets as a prize.

Congrats to Charlotte and Gene – winners of the tickets!

This says it all…thank you to our Women’s Basketball family for joining us and for sharing a very memorable night at this year’s annual Winter Potluck event. Hope to see you next year! Go Gators!