The X’s and O’s of the Game

Several BCC members gathered at Gate 3 on February 20 to hear Coach Lowery’s scouting report for Mississippi State. In case you were not aware, Mississippi State is Coach Lowery’s (aka Coach DLow) alma mater and he really, really wanted to beat them!

Coach was kind enough to provide us with a written scouting report…and it sure did come in handy during the game.

Before the talk began, Janna Magette brought over Coach Lowery’s “Pink Zone” shoes so we could see and hold them. Auctioning began at Gate 1 for Coach Butler’s and Coach Lowery’s shoes. Be sure to check out the auction – it ends during the Georgia game on February 27 (also Senior Day).

Member’s looking over scouting report…no worries ’cause Coach DLow explained it all to us.

Bill and Coach Lowery enjoying chatting before the talk.

Leslie and Janna sporting their awesome t-shirts before the Pink Zone game!

Coach breaking down the game plan for the MSU game.  A special shout out to Mary and Bill Humphrey for providing a sound system. There were no issues hearing Coach’s winning scouting report.  Thanks again Bill and Mary.

Coach’s  scouting report was on target. Our Gator women were victorious.  Go Gators!

(Photos courtesy of John Robinson)