Winter Potluck 2012

The Winter Potluck event is one of the club’s favorites! On this evening, the club provides the main entree and club members bring a dish. Then members, WBB staff and players sit down to enjoy a delicious dinner. This year we asked players what their favorite dishes were and members prepared them.

The dessert table looks yummy. So, many tasty foods.

One of the fun things about our potluck is the interaction between members and players. Below we see David with Chandler and Vickie.

Here is Lily with members – note the member on the far right is none other than Lily’s dad, Lee!

This year the players introduced each other and seemed to have a lot of fun doing so.

Here is our lone senior Jennifer introducing Vikta.

A fun part of the evening was playing “Cranium” with the team. Members competed against players in a very close game. Who won, you ask? If you were there, you would know. If not, come next year!

Thank you to all who came! It was a wonderful evening.

To see more pictures of the potluck, click here. And Go Gators!