2012-2013 Auburn Road Trip

One word for our trip to Auburn – awesome!

We left Gainesville at 9am on Saturday, stopping along the way to eat lunch, and arrived in Auburn full of excitement for the game to come.

A group of us ate dinner together at a nearby Italian restaurant before meeting up with the team to say hi!

Game day! “High-five” line to greet the team as they return from shoot around. Oh yeah, we stayed at the same hotel as the team…perks of being a Gator Backcourt Club member.

While in Auburn had to stop by Toomer’s Corner…so, sad. Reggie, the best bus driver, drove us by the trees so we could take what will be one last look at them. Bill served as our tour guide…the trees were poisoned by an over zealous Alabama fan and will be removed in April 2013.

We were so pumped when we finally arrived at Auburn Arena. What a wonderful basketball venue. Gators fans were ready to cheer our team to victory.

And did we cheer. You might have heard us on ESPN3 or on the radio. Christin Mercer’s brothers joined us and brought some terrific energy…these boys are a lot of fun to be around.

We’re liking the score…Go Gators! What a really good road win for our team. Glad we could be there to share it with them.

After the game it’s time to gather on the court and enjoy the win with players and coaches. It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

Behind the scene look at Coach Butler being interviewed by Adam Schick. See the interview at gatorzone.com and look for us!

Courtney posing with Kayla “Roo” Lewis.

What a fantastic trip! Truly fun. Thank you BCC members and Gator fans for making it such a success! And thank you to the people of Auburn for being so hospitable to us. Yes, we’ll want to do this trip again. And yes, we will win again!

We’re ALL IN! Go Gators!

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