Welcome to the Gator Backcourt Club!

The Gator Backcourt Club is the Official Booster Club of the University of Florida Women’s Basketball team. Our goal is to increase awareness of the game of women’s basketball and to get more fans interested in Gator Women’s Basketball.  The club was founded in 2005 when then-Gator Head Coach Carolyn Peck approached a group of women who were leaders in the Gainesville community and asked them to help her promote and support women’s basketball.  The first executive board consisted of:

Judy Boles – President
Marilyn Tubb – Vice President
Kathy Viehe – Secretary
Ann Marie Rogers – Treasurer

The club is now over 180 members strong and growing every year.  If you are interested in joining our group, please visit the Membership Information page for steps on how to join.

Executive Board

The executive board is comprised of the Board Members, who are part of the BCC membership, and Advisory Members, who are non-members and non-voters. The Board Members are nominated by general membership. The Nominating Committee creates a slate of officers for general membership voting approval. The Board Members’ term starts on July 1 of each year and lasts for one year.


The Gator Back Court Club is governed by its by-laws.

Board Members

Below are the current board members for the 2011-2012 Membership Year who have full voting privileges.
Miriam Cintron
Email: President@gatorbackcourtclub.com

Leslie White
Email: VicePresident@gatorbackcourtclub.com

Robin Bauder
Email: Treasurer@gatorbackcourtclub.com

Lisa Balsamo
Email: Secretary@gatorbackcourtclub.com

Matt Pendleton
Past President – Ex Officio
Email: ExOfficio@gatorbackcourtclub.com

Advisory Members

Note: These individuals are not members of the Gator Backcourt Club and do not possess any voting privileges.

Janna Magette
UAA Advisory Member
Email: JannaM@gators.ufl.edu

Lani McQuade
UAA Advisory Member
Email: LaniM@gators.ufl.edu