VIDEO Practice Update with Coach Cam, Lorenzen and Washington

The Gators have one full week of official practice in the books and we caught up with Coach Cameron Newbauer, senior Haley Lorenzen and sophomore Delicia Washington to get their assessment.

Check out what the Gators had to say on Monday.

Gator senior Haley Lorenzen

  • Video Link:
  • How has the first week of practice been under Coach Cam
  • Differences in practice between (former) Coach Amanda Butler and Coach Newbauer
  • If she has a preference of the difference between the two coaching styles
  • On an intense Coach Newbauer practice
  • If Coach Cam has been dancing before or during practice
  • If she expects her three-point shooting to continue this season
  • How has it been with a large number of newcomers
  • Most important thing you’ve learned from Coach Cam so far

Gator sophomore Delicia Washington

  • Video Link:
  • What have you seen from the team at practice during the first week
  • On Coach Newbauer’s pre-practice dancing
  • On how her progress has been going
  • The team’s vibe during practice
  • Biggest personal difference between (former) Coach Amanda Butler’s style and Coach Cam’s

Gator Head Coach Cameron Newbauer

  • Video Link:
  • What he’s seen from the team at practice
  • Who has stood out at practice
  • If he’s learned anything from the players
  • On how his dance lessons from Delicia Washington are going
  • On what he’s looking forward to next

Of Note:

  • The Gators held their first official team practice Monday, October 2
  • Florida opens its 2017-18 season playing host to Georgia State on Sat., November 11 at 1 p.m.

Gator Pronunciations for this Release:

  • DYANDRIA Anderson: dee-ANN-dree-uh
  • FUNDA NAKKASOGLU: FOON-da knock-ah-SO-glue
  • DELICIA Washington: duh-LEE-shuh


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